August 26, 2016

 This was one of my favorite shirts that we ever did. I always started the best conversations. 

August 26, 2016

Here is my tumbler, enjoy my personal taste.

Matthew camps Tumbler

I'll follow back.


May 15, 2015


Launching July 2015, "Transgression," Matthew Camp's newest scent was inspired by long time friend and adult super star Bailey Jay. Stay tuned for special announcements and launch events.




After years of making his living dancing on New York City’s bar tops, go-go legend Matthew Camp is making his foray into film acting in a very unique way.

In a new interview with the UK’s Gay Times, Camp says his only acting experience comes from a short-lived stage acting career as a child in San Francisco, but that didn’t stop him from jumping at the chance to stretch his acting muscle again as an adult. Once he was approach...

June 26, 2014

To coincide with the release of ‘Getting Go: The Go Doc Project’, So So Gay sat down with Matthew Camp, who plays Go, to ask him about the film.


We’ve already chatted to his co-star Tanner Cohen; now, we reveal what Matthew Camp had to say about his eponymous role in Getting Go: The Go Doc Project, and how his life as a go-go dancer made it all the more personal…


So So Gay: Hi Matthew. First of all, we really enjoyed t...


If you’ve hung around on Tumblr for any length of time, there’s a good chance that Matthew Camp will have come across your dashboard, even if you weren’t aware of who he was. Matthew is a go-go dancer, whose incredible body and good looks have ensured plenty of photographers have been pleased to get him to model for them.

However he’s a bit of a polymath, as he also makes his own fashions and even has a perfume he created. Now...

June 8, 2014

Matthew Camp has quickly gone from being one of the hottest go-go boys in NYC to an indie film star, in-demand model, and burgeoningfashion icon with his own fragrance. (Hey, we didn’t name him one of our 13 to Watch in 2013 for nothing!) We caught up with Matt to see how his summer's heating up.


Full article by Savas Abadsidis located here:

Matthew Camp lifts his tautly muscled and heavily tattooed arm and smiles. “Wanna smell it?”


he asks. He means his new fragrance, 8.5 (, of course, not his armpit. Across the room at Tagg, where Camp is celebrating 8.5’s in-store launch, Will Wikle lifts his arm as well and some guy takes a whiff. Actually, everywhere you look, someone is...


Check out the full article on Next Magazine by John Rus...

It's easy to prejudge Matthew Camp. He's a beautiful former go-go dancer with an amazing body and a cherubic face. (Read: I kind of assumed he was going to be the kind of guy who skates by on his looks.) When he walked in the door for his interview, I complimented his overcoat. He blushed, shrugged, and said he made it himself. This interaction pretty much set the tone for my afternoon with Camp. Through our conversation I lea...

September 20, 2013

"Mostly it was just me and my partner, Tom, along with Tanner and Matt. Totally run and gun, guerilla style.”

Amajority of the selections at this year’s NewFest, the annual LGBT film festival that took place last week, dealt with the underlying theme of physical attraction and sex. From documentaries to narrative features, explicit sex scenes and boundary-pushing explorations of formerly taboo topics dominated the offerings at...

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